Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Introducing: Scratch Patch


Our customers are presenting us more often now with severely tarnished and damaged glass. Most of this damage is from alkaline attack:

·        Shower screens/panels suffer the most;

·        Irrigation systems can overspray onto window glass and eventually tarnish the surface permanently;

·        Sea spray deposited by the wind will severely damage glass surfaces if left unchecked for too long.

·        Bird lime damage on solar panels, skylights and roof windows.

All of these elements give glass a hard time, and compromise the original purpose of the glass.

The “Renovation” element of the extensive Clearshield product range has placed Clearshield as the world leaders in non-aggressive techniques to remove limescale and pollution stains from glass. But when the contaminant has been on the glass surface for too long, damage to the surface does occur.

ClearShield S.A. have launched Scratch Patch….we renovate damaged glass surfaces back to “clear”! Shower screens can be brought back to almost as new; balustrades and window glass can glisten again!

Tarnish removal will leave your glass almost “as new”.

Often there is just one scratch/blemish which ruins a large picture window….if the scratch is not too deep, ClearShield S.A. should be able to remove the scratch and still leave the glass surface architecturally acceptable.

Removal and replacement of damaged glass can be extremely costly; try our tarnish and scratch removal facility first.

.. and then add a Clearshield treatment; the long-term durable protection system for glass surfaces.

We are in association with Scratchout ( and as such will remove scratches from glass .. however only within the limits of the equipment and the glass. Very deep scratches are generally not possible to remove without leaving the glass surface compromised.