Monday, 13 January 2014

HouseKeeping: Glass Self Management (GSM)

Glass management in hotels has been an erratic affair historically, mostly under the ‘Reactive Management’ banner. Costs of regular cleaning sub-contractors have escalated, and as is so often the case, so has the inconvenience factor.  Add to this the question: Is that glass really clean?
Clearshield SA (Pty) Ltd have established a bespoke system which will enable the Hotel Industry to manage its own glass, entirely. Under the banner of ‘Glass Self Management’, the system empowers the hotel staff to apply the Clearshield glass surface protection products as well. From shower screens to roof lights, balustrade glass to high elevated windows, Clearshields GSM has the glass answer for hotel management.

Hotel staff will be trained:

To correctly and economically apply the Clearshield glass surface protection range.

To renovate contaminated glass, such as shower glass.

To correctly use the aftercare range of chemicals.

To  utilise the water-fed pole system on the exterior glass, which will also incorporate the Clearshield aftercare applications.

In overall glass management techniques.

Clearshield SA designs and installs the water-fed pole systems. When incorporated with the Clearshield surface protection systems, the GSM product gives the hotel management total control over one of the biggest problems in a hotel today: Clean glass, hygienic showers, hygienic cooking  area and restaurant glass.
And all in a cost-managed and controlled process. Call us Today!

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